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Sounds like you had a defective unit. Even a 19A will do deer at over 500. A 640 core should have been much better than that.

It is a very good possibility, I never heard back from Pulsar engineers. Deer at 400-450yds would "pop" at that range with my XQ38...then I would switch to the XP28 and could barely tell if something was there. I was using black hot and white hot with both.

Had a friend recently purchase a Helion and he called me up and was very disappointed...basically could not get anything to show very well...trees and other background stuff was just almost a solid mass. Told him to adjust brightness/contrast as well as focus the unit...still not good. It then hit me...I called him up and asked about the ID setting. After explaining to him where it was on the menu he told me the unit was set to forest/trees...I had him change it to the ID symbol(which is an eye symbol)...after changing it, he was blown away with the difference and is a happy camper now. I wonder if possibly your XP28 was on the same setting?