I agree with the others on shot placement. A 223 takes better shot placement to anchor a coyote than say a 70 or 75 grain Ballistic Tip or V max from a 243. It does the job well though with a good shot.

For practice I like shooting the polymer ball targets that roll when hit. I use two of them and shoot one then the other, switch back and forth. Doing that from my sticks makes me set the sticks and find the ball in the scope every shot. It's darn good practice. When doing it don't only shoot angles that are comfortable, shoot ones that aren't too. I find that shooting to my right as a right handed shooter is tough so I practice it more than most. I set up on coyotes for a shot in front of me or to my left so I don't have to make the tough shots as often.

The difference between a 16" and 20" barrel for me was about 200fps with the same brand 55gr V max ammo in a couple of different AR's. The 16" barrel shot it 2750fps, the 20" 2964fps. It's not a perfect comparison since it was two different barrels.

The 20" barrel shot the 53gr Hornady Superformance ammo 3286fps but the rifle didn't like it. I am shooting it from my Savage Hog Hunter bolt gun and it shoots great from it.