Just to add a little to my previous comment, within the last 24 hours or so, a popular youtuber that I watch posted a video where he was hunting deer in Mexico. I forget the exact range at which he took the shot but it was a good distance and off of a fairly stable tri-pod for a rest. He missed the shot.

I won't mention his channel name because I don't wan't this to be construed as an advertisement for him, but he is an US Army sniper veteran. He knows how to make a shot, especially when it counts. But even the "best of the best" miss occasionally and have nobody but themselves to blame. For the rest of us "average joes", we might miss more than occasionally, especially without putting the proper time in at the range, practicing all shooting stances.

For him, it wasn't about the rifle or caliber choice, he simply messed up and pulled off a bad shot.
Thanks and God Bless,