A little side note

Rem 308 150gr SP's

I was still hunting deer in northern WI and spotted a nice buck working his way down a ridge toward me so hunkered down and waited as he passed me I shot him at 8 feet in the chest right behind the elbow, perfect hear/lung shot. He took off like a scalded cat, I couldn't believe he didn't drop or at least show signs of being hit, I didn't even take a second shot expecting him to drop. Good snow I thought I'd track him and get a second chance. About 40 yards away I started seeing flecks of blood on the snow at 60 some large patches that looked like he was coughing it up and another 40 yards and he was laying in the snow with a wound on his side the size of a dinner plate at first thought it was an exit wound and I actually stood there looking for another hunter after thinking about that I hadn't heard a shot examined the deer a little further and found the bullet had splashed on a rib and just a few pieces of jacket has sliced through the lungs. I wrote it up to being way to close. I drug him back to the truck and headed out with a couple more doe tags in my pocket.

I picked up a nice set of tracks and started to work them. A couple hours into it I could see the doe and yearling were going into thick black spruce thickets and circling to the downwind side and circling back behind me as I followed them through. I finally got to one of the thickets and started in then backed out and circled to the down wind side and waited and sure enough here they come walking straight to me watching the thicket at 20 yards I held on her neck in a straight line to the top of the heart, she went down but when I got to her it looked like someone had taped an M-80 to her throat and blew out a chunk of meat and wind pipe the size of a large softball. When gutting her there was zero penetration another bullet had exploded with out penetrating.

After I got her to the truck I tossed the rest of the ammo in the creek and went to town and found a box of my beloved 180gr RN's. Everything was just fine after that, never could get myself to use 150gr SP out of a 308 after that. They were Remington 308 150gr SP's, their 180gr RN's worked fine.

So even a bullet that sounds like it should be perfect for the job sometimes fails, maybe you just had a bad batch.
After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

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