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Man, this stuff is coming up everywhere in life now. I don't even know how to raise my two boys, because I was raised as most boys/men were in the 80's and 90's. You were competitive, fighting was exciting, calling each other names was a form of socializing in a masculine way, laughing when someone gets hurt AND THEN asking if they're okay was all part of the game of learning the hard way.

My son was doing something really sissy-like the other night, and I said to my wife, "Get this boy some tampons." He asked what that meant, and his mom tried to explain it in a weird, woman-like way...I simply said, "It means you're being a pu$$y."

I say to heck with this sissifying of American males. We need tough men, not sissy boys, like we're seeing today with these 30-something childish men who sit around playing video games all day wondering why no woman wants to stay with them.

Oh, and by the way, most women want a real man. Not a sissy.

You're doing it wrong. You ask if they're ok, THEN you make fun of them. Assuming they say yes. If it's no, you get them to the hospital, and THEN make fun of them.

Unless it's obviously just a pain thing (getting nutted). But if he's laying motionless on the ground after rolling his 4 wheeler "You ok?"
"Yeah" "Dumb [beeep]".

The dumb [beeep] remark is coming one way or the other. The only difference is if it's in the field or in the ER when it happens :laugh"

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