At the 18 second mark, there is a pretty substantial twitch in the rear legs. Could be post mortem firing of the nerves, sure, but all I'm saying is it needs not be posted for the world to see. I don't feel the need to post my resume here, but a portion of my income comes from hunting, trapping, and removal. I get it. I'm not posting this from the local Starbucks while sitting in my skinny jeans. I regularly see the expression on peoples faces change from happiness to sadness when I trap an animal, then tell them it has to be euthanized by law. Everyone not interested in wildlife seems to think we ship all the animals to Steve Irwins zoo or something. The last think we all need is put ourselves out there as cold hearted killers, who enjoy watching an animal be killed. I get it, sometimes what we do seems brutal, and sometimes its for the greater good, but some things just aren't for the public eye. That's all I'm saying.