Well when I unplugged the hole the foam expanded right up the the end of the chamber so there was foam all the way through....completely filled from front to end so there was no gap or bubbles. I did it twice and let it sit for a good 15 to 20 minutes each time. Are you going to tell me I did it wrong now because the gun wasn't up side down or side ways.lol. You guys are killing me, lol...give me a brake. I hope posters don't believe everything they read here.

WHAT??? You ate a bug Mack and got some on your shirt? You should never eat a big Mack without a napkin wrapped around it! What you ate it upside down and it tasted different? You can't do that because we don't and it's just wrong! You probably got gas and bubbles in your stomach because you ate it wrong...things can be done all different ways with the same results. Dave, to belittle is to be little. You must have got picked on a lot when you were a kid. I feel sorry for you. For some reason it seems you have to put posters down in a lot of your smart Allic replies. I guarantee you in real life you walk away from any confrontation. You are definitely the smartest guy you know. Once again this is Forum to ask questions and help posters when they answer questions. Not to run people down just because their views are diffent or they do something a different way. Really? We are running each other down on how to clean a barrel. It's time to grow up children and I shouldn't have stooped to your level but after a couple of smart Allic replies you get sick of them. It's not doing any good for the forum or helping the the posters with their questions.

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