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I think that there may be other variables at play. While there might be pressure from other hunters, the moon cycle combined with weather and the other variables might combine to create blank days.

I too have had them, in areas that I know have and do hold coyotes. This weekend I went into an area that I have had success in, and after 3 stands and drawing blanks, I changed it up. I had been running bird sounds with a lot of success lately. But with the colder weather, I wondered if they might be a bit hungrier. So on the 4th stand, I ran bird sounds but added in some cottontail calls. I called in a double, shot one. Then the next stand, same sequence, called in another that we shot. So on a hunch, the next day, I ran that same sequence, and called in and dropped another.

I appreciate the post. It helps those guys who think that we all see coyotes all the time, which ANY predator hunter knows, isn't the case.

Thanks for sharing.

I think weather has the biggest role for ME, in MY area. It seems if the weather's nice, no animals show up. If it sucks and is miserable for me, everything comes running.
We keep odd hours.