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Over the past 50 years I've used just about everyone's presses, powder throws, dies, scales and trimmers except some of the newer stuff. All of the top of the line presses are pretty much equal, there is nothing a RCBS Rockchucker can do that a Lyman Crusher, Lee Cast Classic, Hornady LNL can't do equally as well. Most powder throws are pretty much the same if they have Micrometer adjusting. Powder scales again most are close to the same, magnetic dampening (ALMOST UNIVERSAL NOW) is nice but I do have an of Redding oil dampened that I use and like.

I have on my bench a Lyman Crusher and Lee cast classic turret for all my rifle loading, I use the Layman Crusher for most of my case forming, the Lee does almost all my actual loading as I can have all my dies set up in turets and just swap a turret in and not have to do any adjusting. I have an old Lyman Tru-line Jr turret press with a 7/8x14 head on it stashed away from when I loaded allot of small stuff, pistol and the bugs(Hornet and Bee)

Powder throws by Lyman, Redding, Pacific, Hornady, RCBS, Seaco, Herters and I just gave away a really nice huge C&H(it held at least a pound of powder) and I have Midway pistol measure.

Dies by C&H, Hornady(my personal favorite), Redding, Forester, Herters, Bonanza, Lyman, a really unique neck die from a Reloading shop in Burien, WA.

My bench is an eclectic 50 year collection of reloading stuff, junk went down the road early.

Good luck withyour new hobby, it never gets old and you always keep learning.

^^^Lots of excellent info in this^^^

I pay a lotta attention to people with experience.