**Disclaimer** These scopes are no longer for sale in store, you can only custom order them!

"The Evangelist Scopes" Most of you have probably never heard of them. I didn't either till the owner posted about them one day in the coyote hutning facebook group. He started out with a 4-12x40 and a 4-16x44. These were priced at around 100 to 150 dollars. His main advertising point was, they are made in Germany, and have German glass. At the time, i wasn't really interested because i wanted a scope with a 50mm objective.
It wasn't long till he came out with some more scopes for pre order. He had a 6-24x50 ffp and a 4-16x50 sfp for preorder. So i went ahead and preorderd the 4-16x50 because it was so cheap. $150. Well i waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally i contacted im wondering what was taking so long. He said they were still being shipped across the waters. He also told me that since i had waited so long for my scope, he would give me a 4.5-18x50 he was prototyping. I gladly agreed to that. So for $150 i was getting a $400 scope.
It eventually came, and I was immedialty impressed with most things. Lets remember, this is a $400 scope. Also keep in mind i havent used really expensive glass, so this probably wont be a fair comparrison, but anway.
This is a feature rich scope:
Illuminated reticle
80 MOA of travel in the EXPOSED turrets
Lifetime warrenty
These are the main features of the scope.
So I began testing it. The glass is phenomanal for a $400 scope. Like i said, i havent used expensive glass, so i cant really compare it with anything, but it looks really good to me. For example, i shot a baseball at 650 yards with no problem at all seeing it. At 4.5, you do get some warp, but as soon as you start zooming, it disapears.
As far as low light, i haven't really tested that, so i cant speak to that.
I HATE the turrets, they feal really cheap, but it tracks really well. I haven't done extensive tests on the tracking, but i have shot out to 650 yards, and it tracked perfectly.
So over all i am impressed with the scopes that he builds. I would recommend his scopes for you guys out there that like budget scopes. I would say his are some of the best on the market at that price point. Like I said, he only does custom builds now, and you have to contact him on what you want built. His website is


I have been in discussion with the owner. He said this. Scopes ARE BUILT IN CHINA. He also comfirmed the glass is from Germany. He explained it to me this way.

And i quote
"The way it works is the highest bidder gets to pick glass first. So when the other top companies make their bids they get to go pick their glass first and then people like me were down 4th 5th down the line so we don't get the best glass but we get good glass cut from the same people"

I question this, but I don't really know what to believe any more.
Can someone confirm it works that way?

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