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Thanks for your report, Keith.

You know, the 12oz can of Gunslick foaming bore cleaner is about the same price as the Wipe-Out 5oz can is. I have tried them both and cannot tell the difference in how well they clean so I always get the Gunslick.

Anybody ever noticed a much difference between them? They both work well I can tell you that.

I've used Gunslick and can't tell difference between it and Wipeout. Available locally @ WM and Academy.

Discussions on various cleaners:



I compared a lot of different bore cleaners using Lyman bore scope and now using TACTICAL ADVANTAGE applied w/wet IOSSO blue nylon brush and let sit overnight. Scrubbing bore 6-8 strokes w/the wet brush usually remove all copper and carbon from two factory barrels which are copper magnets.

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