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More reading than you'll do in a week on gun cleaning and foaming bore cleaners, and an answer to your question, can be found here: Gun Cleaning posts.

No offense intended, but I used to hang out at AR, a long time ago. Reading those posts reminds me why I left. Maybe it is the case of too many answers, and I don't know who the creditable posters are there, to sort them out. I guess I can give Wipe-Out a try, and get the special applicator nozzle, so I don't have a mess. I know from my borescope Break-Free BCF worked, albeit sometimes it took a couple of rounds to get all of the copper streaks out. It sounds like Wipe-Out is very similar, but I need to order the $4 special applicator nozzle to avoid the mess the standard fog horn end makes.

I do know that Shooter Choice isn't an alternative. I have an almost full can that doesn't squirt anymore, and the one time I tried it, my borescope said it wasn't impressive.

I am looking for the convenience of a foam that takes powder and copper fouling out, in one step. I got kind of spoiled with Break-Free BCF.


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