Just depends on what you want. My catahula (coyote bait) used to do the same thing and stayed very close to me on stand. At first I thought maybe she was half bind as she didnt seem to see the yotes till way after I did. But I liked it as she would stay close until the crack of the rifle and then she took off after them like a lightning bolt. Dont worry about getting busted by the yotes, when they see the dog they'll come in even if they see you! NOW she is 3 yrs. old and is begining to use all the sense's God has given her and she generally knows the coyote is there way before I do and now she takes right off after them which I m not sure is a great thing. Because now I have to be very careful when I chose to shoot. And this time of year the pups that come in will head for the next county as they dont want anything to do with other coyotes OR DOGS. But its all great fun either way. Also, your dog will soon learn not to take the chase to far, but if not I recamend you whistle him back as there are all ways more coyotes out there not to far away and after a few hunts you'll see the game starts change real fast as the coyotes will now be decoying your dog!!!! These coyotes are very very smart. Have fun and good hunting.