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What an OUTSTANDING morning hunt, the coyote gods where with you this morning for sure. Glad to see the great pictures you provide and the great story to take us along with Thank you. In your pictures the coyotes looks to be a reddish color and other to be more silver/black. Great to see the different color. With the 3rd and 5th pic. Will these two bring more money or all the same price. Down hear they like the lighter colored ones over the darker looking ones? Thanks

The lighter colored coyotes typically have fetched me more money at the auction but they are not real common in this area. I do get a few but mostly the darker "bush" colored coyotes around here. However, I have netted some pretty good prices for XL DRK BR coyotes, so can't complain.
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Some good reading and nice shooting.... Always,always enjoy the stories and pics

I think I was shooting above my capabilities today.... 100% is not my "norm" smile