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I have a an Outdoorlife magazine with that story somewhere. I was just looking at the January 1980 issue with a story of an archer that killed a grizzly in Colorado, where they say they have no grizzly's. You just never know, sometimes the critters don't read. I can remember when you got laughed at for seeing a moose or a fisher. That cougar that was killed by a car in Conn. a few years ago came from So. Dakota, so must have passed through Pa. But if your not looking for tracks, scat or scrapes you will walk right by.
Keep your camera handy, and keep your back to a big tree when you call.
seems like several come out of south dakota. I wonder if thats true or something made up. I know of 4 that were killed in Oklahoma and all 4 had "DNA" from South Dakota stock...according to the ODWC