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Iím curious if thereís any websites or somewhere on this forum that has information on powder temperature sensitivity? Iím mostly interested in the temp sensitivity in cfe 223 and 8202 xbr. Does anybody know how susceptible these powders are in the cold? Living in North Dakota itís something I want to be aware of and avoid developing loads that are prone to this. Thanks

I wanted to know about 8208 so I tested it. I loaded 5 in a mag and threw it in the freezer for awhile. And threw another mag in the oven, checking it often, till it was just fairly warm. There was quite a difference in speeds, I'm thinking 80 fps but can't remember for sure, I just know it was more than I was expecting.

I don't remember seeing any difference in accuracy, so the only problem would be with your dope on longish shots.
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