I've never met one hunting but several times when fishing and they have been nothing but nice, even suggesting different bait for that particular spot.

Last year i was checked 3 times in a week and a half, and thought it odd, until the 3rd time when he was just starting his "hi there, how's the fish.... Oh it's you,enjoy the day"and started to walk away

I realized then that I had just moved to the area and they didn't know me from a distance so they checked. He and I are now on a 1st name basis.

What also helps is my wife is a volunteer for avaian haven in Freedom, Maine. he has called us 3 times with an injured bird needing rehab. 1 owl, 1 coopers hawk and a nighthawk.
Kind of neat getting up close and feeding a raptor.

Factory Certified Useless Bum
(just ask she who must be obeyed)