Great fun, Troy, thanks for sharing and bringing back some fond memories.

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They sure are a lot of fun to catch. Never really cared for them on the table. Good on you guys for getting out together. I miss my dad going with my son and I. Dad just can't make it out anymore so he wants to hear every detail of hunting and fishing trips.

What's not to like about white bass, Gary? Just curious.

I didn't fish much fresh water but I really loved to catch the whitey's when they were schooling & like fried boneless fillets. I think they are as good as speckled trout and better than Redfish; guess its a matter of taste. Reds are really good grilled over mesquite, however.

Too bad your dad can't go with you any longer, Gary, but I'm sure you share lots of memories.

I don't know how long my dad had been unable to see his lure at the end of his cast when I finally figured out why he was getting so many backlashes. Spent many a memorable hour on the bay with him and my son before dad passed.

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