My wife had done her scouting and picked a good spot for opening morning. Yesterday evening we watched from a distance as 3 long beards paraded by her planned set just before dark.
She snuck in and was set up before first light. She said the gobblers were sounding off 30 minutes before sunrise but had covered some ground before flying up to roost the evening before.
She had near constant gobbling from several birds from 6:15 AM till 8:45 when 19 lb. 9" bearded gobbler mistook her homemade wing bone clucks for a willing hen. She was hunting a food plot we had started last year after a ton of work to prepare new ground for planting. She worked the bird up to about 30 yards and put load of #6 to his noggin.

The gobbler came into the plot close to the first power pole, crossed the plot strutting, then worked up the right edge. She said he would strut, the take a few steps forward, then repeat.

Well, the hits just keep on coming. My wife went back to the same spot and worked her magic again. This time she called in 3 long beards and 5 jakes at about 5PM. She said they were running around crazy long beards chasing jakes and then the other way. She put her bone call to work and called this 21 1/2 lb. 10" beard 1" spurs up to 30 yards and gave him a dose of the same #6 shot as the last one. Her gun is just a 2 3/4" 12ga but has a really good choke in it. I don't know exactly how many long beards have fell for her bone call but it is in the dozens. We hunt NC & SC and there must be dumb turkeys in both states is all I can say. Or maybe she really can call better than me??

Not too shabby for a girl who just turned 70.

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