Yup I planned to pipe in everything I could and cap it off for later, I am just going to have to figure out how many drains I will need leading out, I clearly don't want the future toilet hooked to the kitchen sink. Running electric conduit through the walls for electric may be different, but it really wouldnt take much more time or money to run electric wiring everywhere before the house is hooked up.

I was on the phone with the county inspector and he seemed like a nice guy that lives just down the road from where I plan on building, so maybe a BBQ and some cold ones could help that situation out. He also said the previous home inspector okayed a cordwood house in the county some years back without issues and he seemed to think no issues with this building style.

And on another positive note I will have 2 years to worry about getting septic in.

One drawback I have run into is the poplar wood I planned on using, I read good things about it's insulation value but now I'm hearing poor things about it's durability. So now I am trying to hunt down other more expensive woods.

I am also pondering the idea of building a solar kiln to speed up the wood drying process.