Well, I am about to make a crazy turn in my life. Sell my house in town, buy some acreage and build a cabin on it.

The budget will be tight but this house will be small and built mostly out of wood I can get for free.

The house is going to be a cordwood construction with some post and beam worked into it for a second floor loft.

I don't have plans drawn out but it will be something around 800-1000sq.ft. main floor with a small second floor loft as a main bedroom.

I'm looking for all the help I can get, from pouring the concrete, running electric to turning maple trees into a house frame.

I don't have the exact details yet but this will likely start out as an off the grid home but I want to make sure everything can be easily hooked up once the house is built. I will plan on having spots for electric boxes and run conduit through the walls but I am more concerned about plumbing and making sure I can easily integrate a septic system to the house later, I have no ideas how I am going to do that.

I am also looking for website with relevant information or some cabin or home building sites with a good forum section, I'm going over the deep end on this one.