My bore cleaning regimen has evolved over the years and the search of the best product(s) continues. Recently purchased a bore scope which really sheds some light on the subject.

Prior to obtaining the bore scope, the most recent products used were Hope's Bench Rest, which is a good product that can be left in bore overnight and cuts both carbon and copper well, albeit a bit slowly. It will remove copper (as indicated by patch color), given a few overnight sessions.
Heavily copper fouled barrels benefited from a good scrubbing using JB Paste and/or Gold Medallion (discontinued, but Remington produces under their brand now....may be the 40X that Tripod uses? Both are abrasive.

Have also used Wipeout & Gunslick foam, both of which remove copper very well, but carbon, not so much. Best results with the foam seems to be to patch/brush bore first w/Hoppes 9 or Benchrest to cut the carbon, then follow w/wipeout.

Currently experimenting with all of the Sharpshooter products and evaluating results w/bore scope; jury is still out but so far impressed with the Carb-Out first followed by Wipeout. Have not yet tried their Tactical Advantage but will work that in one of these days.product FAQ's Here Only complaint I have so far was the WSA-007 ADAPTER leaked badly at can and was a waste of product.

Worked in VFG pellets, discussed in recent post describing Orkan's Cleaning Method They worked as well as JB Paste and a lot less fuss, thanks Orkan. Pretty good discussion there. I have yet to get up the nerve to try the CLR. Maybe Orkan will weigh in on this thread and bring us up to date. smile

Lots of ways to get the job done, some a lot better than others.

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