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So...Last year, I built myself a 16" carbine in 300BLK for kicks and giggles. In all honesty, it was a budget build. I didn't go all out on it. In fact, I used an el-cheapo AR Stoner barrel on it. Despite all that, it shoots exceptionally well at 100 yards with 125 grain Speer TNT's. I never really intended for it to be a hunting rifle, but it shoots so well that I'm pretty tempted to take it out this season, to see if I can take out a couple coyotes with it. Has any one else here used a 300BLK on coyotes? If so, I'd love to hear any stories or see any pics y'all might have.

You might as well do-it and get it out of your system now, then move on .
I hunted 30-223 for more than 20 years both AR and Bolt on Coyotes. It a great 'short range' like you want to do with the 125 tnt's and the 110 vmax's . The most your going to squeeze is just a tad 2400+ Vel fps. The platform does fill a small nitch nicely .

I always had 2 subsonic Rounds in velcro-keeper to the side of stock for that 'right time' . and have taken a few coyotes subsonic in urban and around tight areas of corral areas, but for the most part past that (imho) Subsonic hunting on Coyote is pretty much a novelty .
For shooting Coyote. It shines better at Nighttime use, than using it in daytime on Coyote . There are far superior and efficient platforms for daytime Coyote with Necking-up using .223 parent case.

the Biggest thing I love on the the 30-221 Rem./300BO is hitting Coyotes in the short range with pushing a Big slower Vel. .30 cal. Diam.Bullets .
It is efficient on the powder burn . It Suppresses very nicely quiet with any .30 Cal Can. Both High Vel. and Subs.
I loved using it at Nighttime .