Very new here and trying to sponge up all the do's and don'ts of predator hunting. Here's mine. S&W M&P 15 Sport. 5.56/.223. Plan on zeroing later this week. Hoping that the rings are tall enough to enable the rifle to reach a zero. If not I'll have to pick up a tall scope mount like most of your guys' beautiful rifles have. I will most likely put my plastic handguard back on as well to bring the weight down. It measured in at 9.6 lbs the way it sits and the thick, cheap "aluminum" quad tail has a lot to do with it. I am looking for suggestions on a budget varmint round. Have heard good things about the American Eagle Varmint Tipped 50 grain bullets and its hard to beat at $13/box. But again, I'm looking for suggestions. What works good for you guys??? Because of my barrel I would like to keep the bullets no bigger than 62 grain. I also need suggestions on 5 round mags. Here in Michigan it is unlawful to hunt with more than 6 rounds between the magazine and chamber and plugs are only allowed in shotgun tubes. Ive only found a couple manufacturers who make 5 round mags (Magpul NOT one of them unfortunately) and I just haven't found one with enough good reviews to invest my money and confidence in. So anyone who has experienced with those please let me know what you've trusted in. Added bonus to enhance the jonesing to go, my Foxpro Skyote and Predator DVD was delivered today.