Today at about noon I decided I was going to go out to shoot some new loads at paper out of my 22-250 and do a few calling stands.

Right after I shot six 22-250 rounds at paper the fog rolled in.

I was able to get in two rifle stands before the fog got to thick to use my rifle.

So I decided to go out on a ridge about a half mile below the rancher's house and try a shotgun stand.

I used my camo pillow to lean against and had my Fury set up about 15 yards in front of me on the grassy ridge. The grass was about 4" high and there was a few small weeds a little bigger than a basketball and that was the only cover other than the fog.

I could see about 30 yards to 50 yards and that was it.

I started out playing Adult Rat sound and after about 5 minutes I switched to Bay Bee Cottontail. A few minutes later I saw a coyote running up the ridge through the fog about 40 yards below me.

When the coyote got to 25 yards or so I shot it with my shotgun. I was using Rem HD Predator T shot loads. The coyote went down but was trying to get up so I shot it again.

Right after shooting the second shot a coyote to my left started screaming some challenges it sounded like it was about 300 yards away. I hit my number 4 preset sound, it is Male Coyote Challenge 4 on volume 40.

The coyote had a screaming contest with my Fury for about 30 seconds. I didn't hear the coyote any longer so I muted my Fury. About 30 seconds later a coyote appears through the fog and It took me 3 shots to put the coyote down.

A few minutes later another coyote starts barking and huffing not very far away so I switch to Coyote Growls sound on volume 40. This coyote runs right up out of the fog and it takes me 3 more shots to stop this coyote.

I was all excited that I had 3 coyotes down and was digging into my pockets for some more shotgun shells. I didn't have anymore shells with me! You would think 8 shotgun shells should be plenty for one stand.

So I went over and down the ridge to get the third coyote that I had down. When I got to the coyote I realized Coyote Growls was still playing full blast. I tried to mute the caller but the remote didn't work because I was over the side of the ridge and down a little so I couldn't see my Fury.

As I was climbing back up to where my Fury was with the two other dead coyotes on both sides of it. I heard another coyote that was pretty upset and it was close and running around me in the fog.

I muted my Fury and put two of the dead coyotes by the Fury. I was seeing the upset coyote circling around in the fog and he was really mad.

It was pretty crazy that this coyote circled me and the 3 dead coyotes about 3 or 4 times. I put the third dead coyote by my camo pillow and headed for my truck to get some more shells.

While I was walking in the fog up towards my truck I could still hear the upset male coyote.

By the time I got to the truck and headed back down the 300 yards to get to my stand I didn't hear the coyote anymore.

I sat down next to the dead coyote by my pillow and started up my Fury that had two dead coyotes next to it about 15 yards from me.

I played Male Coyote Challenge 4, and then coyote growls for about 30 seconds each and did that 2 or 3 times before switching to Coyote Pup Screams on full blast.

About 1 minute later I could just barley see some movement through the fog to my right and it was a coyote. I shot it just as it was disappearing into the fog about 35 yards away.

I took of running that direction because I wasn't sure if I hit it or not. Luckily it was down. This coyote was a huge male for around these parts.

Hopefully the next time I shoot 9 shotgun shells on a coyote stand I will get more than 4 coyotes. LOL

This was the first time in a long time that I have used the denser than lead T shot loads. They only have 50 pellets per shell. I like the performance of the HD BB loads with 70 pellets per shell and the Federal Heavyweight #2 shot loads with 90 pellets per shell much better.

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