So, took my 14yr. son out last night to do some calling. I told him he could pick the areas, the stands and let him do all the calling. He was using some of his and my hand calls, and have to say he did a great job. Each stand, we were switching back and fourth, him using the 12ga and I would use the AR, trying to cover him on the longer shots, then I would post with the gauge and he would cover me. Have to say, we were on the same page.

Made quite a few stands, called in plenty of coyotes, but most were M.I.T.

By the morning hours, he had shot 2 coyotes, one with the gauge and one with his AR. unfortunately, we lost one yote. Blood was at the shot site, but nothing? he's lost plenty hunting at night, so he really didn't get too bummed out.

He ended the night with 1 kit fox, 1 coyote and 1 Ring Tail cat, which are pretty tough to call. I would say, all in all, it was a pretty good night of calling for him and all were shot with the 12 ga.

To add, Ring Tails are legal to hunt here in Nevada and he has all the correct licensing, fur/trappers.

I too put one down, at 20 yds. very early in the morning. It was actually a great typical shotgun post. I posted in front of the caller decoy which was about 20yds behind me and my son was posted in front of the decoy at about 25yds to my left. Worked out great!!! as he was blowing on the call, a yote came in from my right, and stopped at about the 100yd mark. My kid stopped for a few seconds and I knew immediately he had seen the dog coming in.

He waited for a bit, and began blowing again. He called him right in to that kill zone, and the shot was taken! hit him dead broad side, but to my surprise the dog literally did a roll, and looked like all in one motion, got up and on a full sprint, ran across me to my left. Took a second shot, and he took it right in the dome....DRT.

It was absolutely a fun night and early morning hunt for both of us! Wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! I will say this, Camo is over, JK. Regards, Drop

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