The best case lube i have ever used and i have tried a hundred different store bought and homemade lubes, is plain old chapstick, hanging in every checkout counter in every store. i even made a little holder so it stands up right next to my press, take the cap off, rub 2 fingers across the top of the chapstick and run arond the case a second, i have a q-tip with some on it that i roll around in the neck of the case and in the die it goes, works everytime, no dents ever, no stuck cases ever, slides up in the die like greased lighting. Then hot water and dawn dish soap rinse and slosh and dry. My search is over, for a hundred cases you don't even use a 1/8 of an inch of chapstick, it syays on your fingers for several cases, a little on the neck, non on the shoulder and some on the case, awesome stuff, .39 cents will maybe do a thousand cases.