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When I first started loading I tried almost everything and for case lube, finally settled on One Shot. It works great with my wooden loading blocks. The logical next step was to figure out what that stuff is made from. The lanolin & 99% ISO is a great replacement for it. I'll never need to buy more case lube and I have enough stuff in stock to make more.

one shot is not lanolin based. its Dynaglide based.

it doesnt build up like lanolin mixes do, and its nigh on impossible to over-lube with the stuff like it is with lanolin.

the ONLY time i've ever managed to dimple case shoulders was when i was testing out lanolin based stuff. plus it left a sticky mess in my dies. Yick!

i still have a bottle of lanolin based mix i keep around, but i hold onto it for resizing the .310 zmax into .308 bullets for my blackout thumbup1
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