I was able to run some loads over a chronograph a few days ago. These were fired in an AR built around an AR-Stoner 20" 1-8 5R barrel.

First loads were AR-Comp behind an 85 gr Sierra BTHP GK bullet. LC cases and Tula SRM primer. 2.260 OAL
24 gr - 2669 fps, 40 ES
24.5 gr - 2714 fps, 29 ES
25 gr - 2740, 17 ES

25 gr H335 - 2728 fps, 32 ES

The AR-Comp 25 gr load is slightly compressed. Just starts to show slight signs of pressure.

90 gr Sierra FMJBT, LC Cases, Tula SRM primer, 2.260 OAL
22.1 gr 2200 - 2585 fps, 25 ES

55 gr Nosler Varmageddon, LC cases, Tula SRM primer, 2.260 OAL
26 gr 2200 - 3263 fps, 22 ES
This load is mild. It would not lock the bolt back on an empty mag a couple of times. Lots of fun. Will blow up anything it hits.

These loads are safe in my rifle Usual disclaimers apply.

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