With the end of fur bearer season coming up in Oklahoma I've been focused on cats lately. Today I went out and made 4 long stands in hopes of calling one up. I called it quits on my second to last stand at the 20 minute mark so I could get another quick stand in.

I walked about 300 yards from my last stand and sat down. I didn't bother putting the FoxPro out on this last one because I was too lazy. I got my Crit'R Call Peewee out and started out with a few squeaks. I watched for 30 seconds or so and started in with my best impersonation of a dying rabbit. I looked to my right about 5 minutes into the stand and saw nothing. So I scanned back to my left and played a few more sequences of dying rabbit. As I scanned back to my right I saw it,a bobcat had crept in,in less than 30 seconds without so much as crushing a leaf to let me know he was there. The cat had his eyes locked on me and wouldn't you know it, I had my rifle pointed straight out in front of me. I could tell he was studying me,not quite sure what he was looking at. So I slowly picked up my rifle and shooting stick,up and over my leg and moved it to the right. No more had I rested my rifle and the cat went from a crouched position to what looked to be the "I'm about to run away" position. I don't know if he was going to run or if he was just thinking about it. But I already had him in the crosshairs so it didn't matter. By the time he thought about it I already had the safety off and was in full blown kill mode. About the time he lifted his head I squeezed the trigger and hit him in the throat. He was 15 big steps from where I was sitting.

If I can figure out the picture situation I'll post one. If not it's a pretty/pretty dead bobcat laying in leaves with my rifle across it.

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