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Just finished putting this one together. Main Target, NE Texas Hogs. Secondary Target, Coyotes, Bobcats, Coons, or other corn thieves.
Wilson Arms 18" 1:8 SS Bull Barrel, 16.5" Gen2 rail, Mega Arms Billet Lower, Gieselle SSA-E trigger, Luth MBA But stock, DPMS SASS grip, ATN-X sight 5X18 Day/Night Scope, Long Range Streamlight IR. Probably missed a few things. Assembled completely through the web with the exception of the lower. Not including scope, Under 1K

Sighted the X-sight today....OMG... great sub MOA group at 50 and 100 yrds. I'll take a pic of the grouping in a bit, prolly tomorrow, as I have to travel back to work tonight.

If you don't mind me asking, does your Wilson Arms barrel have a mid-length or a rifle length gas port? That is a slick looking build.

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