I generally shoot heavier bullets, like the 160 Sierra GameKing (both of them) or the 175 hornady roundnose(large bear.)

However, I recently bought a 7mm-08 Kimber Montana, and because of the light weight I opted for a lighter bullet so as to go easy on the shoulder. I selected Speer 145 btsp for mule deer and general "walk-around" hunting in Texas. I also purchased some 150 Sciroccos for sheep hunting where the higher BC often comes in handy. All is well with these two bullets, and, much to my surprise, the Speer bullets shoot extremely well. I had previously only tried the Speer bullets in a 222, duplicating my grandpas load. They shot little ragged holes but I figured it was as much divine intervention as anything.

Needless to say, I'll be trying Speer bullets more in the future. I do not, however, have plans to rebuild loads for existing rifles.
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