Saturday November 7th , a very nice fall morning with the first rays of light changing from a dark pink to orange as I drove towards the creek valley. Got to my destination, park the truck and as I am walking towards the valley I’m thinking, what a great day to be out and about.
The very light breeze had switched directions since leaving home which eliminated the spot I planned to sit. A quick scan of the valley before I head back to the truck produces a coyote working it’s way along a cow trail. I notice the coyote has a limp and wait for it to disappear over a small ridge before I make my move. The coyote was headed my general direction so I hurry to higher spot and get set up before the coyote is once again visible. A half minute later produces the limping coyote and I watch it with the rangefinder binoculars. When it stops I take a reading of 173 yards, bring the rifle up, take a bead and down goes the first coyote of the morning. Walked back, got the truck and drove down to collect my prize. I went to load the coyote and it was then I seen why the coyote was limping, it had only 3 legs.

Second stand was a great looking spot but the coyotes never cooperated.

Third spot was over looking a large flat with a bush patch and dugout 320 yards from where I sat. My back was against a large corner post and there was enough tall grass to hide my presence. Gave a couple howls and within a minute I see a light colored figure on the dirt pile by the dugout. The binoculars show a coyote sitting and doesn’t look too concerned. I try some yelps which produces a second coyote but now there’s two watching from the dirt pile and nothings coming any closer. Some more yelps and still no action. Contemplating a shot, I range the distance again but decide to try some lip squeaks first due to being so calm out. Well that got the attention of the one and here it comes roughly 50 yards and stops, more lip squeaks and it is on the move again. The coyote stops 2 or 3 more times but I manage to keep coaxing it closer. At 159 yards I send a bullet on its way, the coyote does a few spins and takes off only to pile up a few yards away (female).

I chamber another round and look for the coyote that was on the mound, I’m surprised to see it trotting into the field towards its downed partner. When its 20 yards from the downed one, I pull the trigger…….. I knew I blew the shot before the bullet left the end of the barrel, the coyote is now trotting back towards the bush. I give a vocal howl which stops it one more time, I put the cross hairs higher up on the shoulder and this time the bullet finds its mark ( big male @ 240 yards)

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