Bushnell Trophy cams have kept me happy for years. I started with 5MP models several years ago, now I have a fleet of a dozen 8-14MP versions, from the HD Blackouts, IR's, Vitals, and Aggressors.

The 14MP Aggressors are on sale now for $149.99, plus $30 mail in rebate, good for $120 plus tax.

Cabela's Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor 14MP

I have multiple Moultrie and Cuddleback models also, but I get the best pictures, and most pictures more reliably with the Bushnell Trophy cameras.

The user interface is incredibly easy on the Bushnells - I'll admit, it's almost difficult to use the Cuddleback cameras compared to the Bushnells, with the Moultries somewhere in between (closer to the Bushnells than the Cuddlebacks - the cuddles suck for interface).
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