Was out calling coyotes for the day and came across this buck near last light. Pulled out the T/C Impact muzzleloader and did a stock on him. Shot him at about 90 yards. I waited about 5 mins and went to look for him but where I looked I couldnt see him and figured I may have missed. I packed up and decided to look in the morning. Next morning cam back to same spot and actually walked by him missing him by about 20 yards. The magpies helped me find him real quick. Was also able to shoot a couple coyotes before I made it to him on the drive up thumbup

Fast foward a few more days and here is my whitetail buck I shot with my T/C Impact muzzleloader. I rattled and grunted him in and took a perfect broadside shot at 100 yards. Calling in bucks is a real rush, like the calling in coyotes,,I love it.

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