Simple solution for you is to buy a light color camo long sleve T shrit.

The camo you are talking about it too dark, but you can get away with it on the bottom, and then get a long sleeve T shirt and get it big enough to go over fleece jacket.

I do this since here, you have to be able to hunt when it's hot and then cold all in the same day. I have started the AM in -10 and then by end of the day hunting in an area that is 50. that is a very large temp swing and if you try to have layers and layers of camo to do that, I would go broke.
The t shirt allows me to just take layers on and off and just wear the t shirt.

Cabela's new western pattern or something like it. Kings desert camo, or M2D work really well.
I would think the M2d would be the best bet, since that would work back where you are at too.
Have fun being an [beeep].. I hope it's all you hoped for.