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Since I've put my trail cams out on my 100 acres of my property.I realized ,I have aleast one coyote on the property and I didn't get any fawn's on my cams..and im thinking maybe this male has been takening them down..and this coyote is roaming around starting at 2pm in the afternoon...no evidence found from him...but why is this coyote roaming so early....even watched him stalk groundhogs.He seems to be brave around the farm....Im thinking about taking him out.Rusty

One hundred acres is a mere drop in the bucket for a coyote's (or a deer's) territory.
Obviously, I don't know how long you have had the camera[s] up.
And I also don't know if you put the camera[s] next to confirmed deer trails.

There could be fawns in the nearby area, but they just haven't been spotted yet.
Or you could very well be correct that coyotes have gotten them.

As far as the coyote "roaming early"....coyotes (just like all animals) will both snooze & move around at various times of each day.
Seeing a coyote hunting at 2 in the afternoon isn't an oddity. At least not where I'm from.

I wish you much success!!!
Will Horting