Northern Pike as long as your leg and walleye jumping into the boat after your bait - is my kinda fishing - endless supply of walleye willing to be Beer Battered and Fried in hot oil-- My good friends in N Manitoba Webbers lodges - put together a awesome trip for my Mom my Wife and myself 5 days @ Small Lake-- We experienced fly in-fishing at it best-
Unfortunately we got Trumped by the weather with high winds and rain plus 5C -- not to comfortable- but we toughed it out and feasted on the fresh fish --cooking 7 walleye for the Last Supper--over a smoky outside fire pit -- it gets no better----

although a triple -- bang bang bang - works good for me too- -

its been about 2 weeks since i was last out - headed to Fav spot -yesterday- - 10 Am -- -it takes about 20 mins to get there and -after about 15 mins of Fox pro time -i was getting antsy --this place always produces -- temps are 25C and very little SE winds-- i am rusty - and after 20 mins on the clock-- shut it down and have a plan to move ---i am sitting on wide open landscape - not a tree in sight- sage and natural prairie all about --- 1st thing i do when i am done a set up --is - MT the chamber of the swift - so I dump out the live rnd -and close it making sure the chamber is empty --leaving 3 in the mag- - stand up hurried like and sprint towards the call- making it only 2 stride to see at 60 yrds a large coyote now moving away in a fast rate --BUSTED__ Bleep! - I ran back and picked up the gun but - he got into a low spot and vanished--educated --lesson of the day

next set up -tucked the tacoma tight up against big Hay stack- and crawled up onto it - I can out shoot the rifle in all direction -- I put the Box up wind of me about 80 yrds--and melt into the haystack with the Bi pod on short--- I send out a series of Bark Bark bark for 3 min then switch to Pup distress----time slows down after the initial 2 or 3 mins and even though i keep a constant pivoting of my head in all directions of the compass the rest of me is still and getting cramped -and the afternoon heat is starting to cook me - mid way through the 20 min session -i found myself dreaming back to b on the lake- my wife in the front of the boat screaming its a huge pike -swallowing the medium size 5 of diamonds right at the side of the boat - the pike a monster of the deep can consume a live 5 pound walleye in a few minutes-grabbing him by the head drowning him the eating head first - a predatory of the fish factory-
my wife now holding the fishing reel in one hand and the rod in another after the two separated and this angry toothy 47 inch dragon below -tearing up the line-and my mom freaking out--
suddenly i noticed a small blurring figure moving out there at 800 yrds --the sun heat rays deflecting it at first but --then for sure its a coyote skirting my outer perimeter
I am 20 feet in the air on the hay stack and watch her as she moves from 8 oclock position all the way around me to 3 oclock closing in on my scent plume -- I had pre ranged the corner fence line and knew it was going to b a long shot -- but had time to double check with range finder -- if she crosses and stops i would b ready --she does this as scripted and i gave her just a hint of light over her back fired -knowing the drop to b about 5 inches- --#963 adult female summer scabby sable white-- 417 yrds - 27 mins on the clock -i took pic from hay stack then from where she lays. -

see the hay stack in right of center

I fumbled most of the rest of the day running into cattle everywhere i went -- good money in cows - if u can feed em -- bless the rains we have had --

last set up late in the day 530 -27C - east wind 10 mph-- i have been working the edge of this lake bottom for yrs --it always produced and has a huge natural grass island on it - always has yotie--- about a yr ago i got busted at 1 end of it and have since not been able to call with any success there --- so my theory i have been working with-- tells me - to just change it up a bit and try new location --its hard cuz we r wide open - so hiding the truck is always the chore -- I notice a dry slough bottom with a old Dam on it - so i pulled the Tacoma up tight to it and 2 steps out of the door I find a coyote turd -- makes me smile- i set the Prairie Blaster out - at 80 yard on the swarovski range finder- up wind of me -- on the fence line - clipping it to the top wire - this put the mojo just about head height for coyote -they can see it easy --note--see pic --I send out my stress bark bark bark - and at 3 mins switch to pup distress - -from far off into the sea of grass - i spot her right away cresting the roll in the landscape full stretch streaking hair ball-- she chooses to run in the heavy grass and follow the outer edge of the dry lake bottom as she narrows in on the fence line-- the lake has been dry for yrs - all landscape flows into the bottom in front of me and come to a halt at the Dam i am sitting on-- now in side the death zone all I gotta do is let her come to a stop -she has no idea i am there - jumping like kangaroo on her back legs - to get better view at 40 yrds - on 10X - #964 adult female scruff sumer sable sable white- 7 minutes 11 seconds on the clock

just got the call from GOV re coyotes eating sheep -- so gotta head out at pre daylite tomo to get jump on whatever is happing in the sheep pasture for the day ---- looking for input 3/4 of a mile square sheep pen 600 sheep and coyote are digging in -- electrical wire all the way around- x 2 -- big -fing sheep dog inside the pen chew u up or chase u down while trying to b sneaky- and ya -- 3 sides of the property Federal National Park- - the only hunt-able turf is the pen its self >?? -its a big challenge- - some days i get lucky -i hope tomo is one of them

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