Being new to the community here, I figure it's only right that I share what I brung.

Build List
  • 20" 1:7 SDM-R White Oak barrel, .223 Wylde chamber, M4 feed ramps
  • BE Meyers flash hider
  • PRI flip-up gas block
  • Seekins SP3R flat-bottomed handguard
  • Harris BRM-S bipod affixed via a PWS KeyMod Bipod adapter (set the bipod too far back; replaced with a Noveske TRX mount)
  • Anderson forged lower
  • Gieselle SSA-E trigger
  • BCM lower parts kit
  • Rock River Winter Trigger Guard
  • YHM EZ Pull extended takedown pins (it's a little thing, but I love them)
  • LaRue A-PEG pistol grip
  • White Oak milspec forger upper with M4 cuts
  • Wilson milspec, staked, and HPT/MPI bolt carrier and bolt
  • BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 (large) charging handle
  • Mappul MOE Rifle fixed stock (with additional QD socket kit that it doesn't come with)
  • Magpul backup rMBUS rear sight
  • Leupold Mark 2 one-piece picatinny scope mount
  • Primary Arms 4-14x44m FFP Mil/Mil scope (yeah, it's a cheap $230 scope and more than I need with a .223, but I have yet to read anyone that's had a problem on a .223-.308 class gun - lots of good reviews, and I've been pleased with it so far. Clicks could be a little more firm, but the glass is better than I expected. It'll do for now until I upgrade later this year).

Not Shown (aka I need to take a new photo)
  • Magpul PRS (balances out the weight of the barrel really well)
  • Bobro QD mount (Getting the scope installed was a pain, but the mount has high marks for a reason)
  • Knights 200-600m rear sight (very, very nice)
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