Hey guys,
Long time lurker here, i have tried taking my two airedales out calling(one three year old and one 6 months) mostly to no success untill yesterday when i called in a small female. Well my question is how do you get the dogs to not just hang around you? Theyve done alot of bird hunting but when i sit down they just want to come up to me alot and ive been worried that theyre pointing me out to the coyotes, yesterday when i got this female they were just playing with eachother and she keyed in on them but they never even saw her. Although she was so focused on them that after i missed the first shot she kept coming! Should i just try to get them on more dogs and eventually theyll understand? or should i try to hold off on shooting till the coyotes get closer so they hopefully will notice?

Sorry about the horrible pics i have to use the screen side camera on me iphone...

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