I recently picked up a 8 week old catahoula/collie male that I was gonna pair of with my aussie mix. Well i had him a few days and then he died tonight, I gave him his first shot the first day I had him. Yesterday morning he was acting great running around being a puppy, eating, drinking. So I went to sleep since I worked night shift, I woke up around 12 to him being really tired and acting funny. I gave him some more water and food he drank alot of water but not a lot of food. His gums were white as could be, he hadnt thrown up or had diarrhea. Vet ran a test for parvo that came back negative but they still wanted to treat him like parvo so we got some iv bags, pepto and pedialite. We kept him pretty hydrated but the little guy couldnt hardly breath, he was breath fast and hard and eventually died around 730 or 8. Doesnt seem like parvo to me just looking for some help.