The contest will be on January 24th and 25th 2015 in Archer City Texas .
Agenda - Sign up on Friday the 23rd at the Archer City Shooting Sports Complex between 6pm and 8pm . Rules will be read after all entries have been entered .
Hunt starts at daylight Saturday morning of the 24th and will end at checkin time of 3pm Sunday the 25th .
If you do not turn your card in by 3 pm . you will be disqualified .
This is a daylight only hunt . You must quit hunting Saturday night when you cannot see without the aid of a light .
This is a Coyote only hunt . This hunt has a 12 Coyote limit .
In case of a tie when you tag your last Coyote you must record the time you tagged it and whoever killed their last coyote 1st will be declared the winner .
All winners will be given a polygraph .
This hunt will payout 100% and will pay 3 places .
Entry fee for the hunt is 200$ per team .
This is a 2-man hunt . You may hunt with just 1 person but no more than 2 per team .
Team members must stay together during calling .
You May not shoot out of a moving vehicle .
You may not shoot from a public road .
You may not add weight to any animal .
No pooling of animals .
All animals must be called in .
ATVs are allowed .
If you cant make it to the sign in we will take mail in entries . Send to Clay Reid PO. box 1345 Archer City Texas 76351 .
For more information call Clay Reid @ 940-631-8820 . All decisions are final .
please send a contact number with money . I will call and read rules when money arrives
3-time Texas Coyote Calling Champion