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Would like a little more speed with the very accurate 65s and recall how my 223 ackley increased my 223 performance. Has anybody any experience with a 6x45 Ackley improved? I expanded the neck of a 223 Ackley and seated a bullet and it looks good. Case volume with LT 32 increased almost 2 grains. Anybody done this? Thanks.

The Ackley approach might be intersting but I wonder if the gains will be worthwhile vs cost, silly concept, in performance. A rule of thumb is that for every 4% increase in case volume you realize about a 1% increase in velocity. Not hard and fast just a guesstamete. You are gainging right on 8% in volume so by that rule you are looking at 60-70 FPS.

You might post up in the reloading area. If most guys are like me they don't look here much even though I own four of them.