You can get 100% alcohol at a paint store...denatured or wood alcohol. They usually have it by the gallon. It's funny, reloaders have been trying to come up with the ultimate {for whatever reason, usually money} case lube for a very long time. I remember one of my brother-in-laws talking about using STP oil treatment {ala Mario Andretti} 40 years ago. I tried it once when I ran out and it did work, but it was nasty to clean up and it stunk. For days.
I always hate it when some idiot replies to a thread and starts out with "simple, all ya gotta do..." Several years ago that idiot posted to take a ziploc bag, add a few squirts of Dawn Ultra dish soap, dump in the brass and close the zip on the bag. Then roll it around to coat the brass good. Dump out the brass cases on a clean surface and let them dry. Then size. I tried it and been doing it ever since. One thing to buy, zero mixing and effortless resizing. I have formed many 243 and 260 cases from military 7.62X51 {308} cases in one pass.
In regards to Heet...that same BIL with the STP refused to buy any kind of "Dry Gas" type product to get water out of a gas tank and I remember tagging along as a kid while he went to several stores looking for 100% alcohol to substitute...for the gas he ran out looking he could have just bought the "Dry Gas." I used to think is was a Navy thing...spending $50.00 to save .50 cents. I have known many fellows that did this {drive two hours to save $4.00} and every one of them were prior Navy.