i'm new to this forum since i had a beautiful and very accurate 6x45 bolt gun made: kreiger 13.5 tw, stiller predator V lprb, jewell 1.5 oz in a #11 shurley bros thumbhole laminate. an 8-32 sightron 1/8 min tgt dot scope is the icing on the cake. i downloaded the load data and really appreciate the work done to provide this data. i loaded new brass with n133 and a 62 gr knight and shots 2,3, and 4 printed in the ones! i have never had a gun so blasted accurate!!! just about every combo of bullet and powder shoot small hole but n133 seems to be the most accurate. currently trying LT 32 and it has promise. i have a problem(posted on the 6 MMBR site also). my redding 6x45 fl and neck die leaves .003 of runout in the neck. neck expansion in the die or with a wilson neck xp doesn't correct it. i now run the brass into a redding .223 body die(brings the neck to .257) then exp with a wilson 6mm mandrel and the r/o is gone. anybody with the same problem? any suggestions? thanks.