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I started reloading several years ago with a Lee single stage press and Lee dies and as yet have had zero problems with any of their equipment. The Lee powder thrower works great and will be hard to beat for the money. I bought a set of Lee dies that didn't have the shell holder, gave a call and had it in two days. Great CS. I bought a 3 die set of Forster dies for a 6BR and have had nothing but trouble from them. Sent them back along with a check for $30 something bucks, returned in same condition so their CS IMO sucks big time. Other folks sing their praises. I learned long ago that you don't always have to spend the big bucks to get serviceable equipment. If and when my press goes south I'll possibly go with an RCBS but so far I'm fine with my Lee stuff. I use the RCBS 1010 scale and love it. Due to my experience with Forster they will never see another penny of my money.

With you on the Lee equipment. I was into reloading many years ago. Started with an RCBS Jr. And moved up to a Rockchucker. About 5 years ago I flirted with reloading again and started with a low end Lee kit. At first glance, the expanse of plastic made it seem too cheap. After using it for a while and picking up some newer/"better" bits and pieces I developed a new impression of Lee's equipment.

I now use Forster, Redding, Hornady, and RCBS bottleneck dies, but most of my handgun dies are still Lee. The Lee scale is as accurate as my 1010. The powder measure is more consistent than my Uniflow, and the classic (iron) press is as strong and precise as I remember my old Rockchucker being. The on press priming system works better than any of my RCBS equipment did. A lot of it is still plastic and what is still feels ( and costs) too cheap to be any good. That said, for me it just flat works. Others can flame away, but that's what matters. tt2 thumbup1

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