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i left one blank 2...
should have had other for dies i really like c&h dies...

Lookie... there are a tons of die makers, and people will always want to know why I left out some die maker in Pennsylvania, who works at the post office during the week, but makes outstanding, winning benchrest dies on Sunday, after he gets back from church.

There is a company that makes individual loading manuals for each caliber.

I got a PM and was chastised because I didn't include Harrells power measures. Gee, they make a whopping 5 a week.

My God, man where and when does it stop.

I Love CH - I have their HUMONGOUS 30 pound single station press as my main press (it will crush RockChucker like a ball of aluminum foil)...

... and I have their monster 4 station "H" press for loading at the range - but CH doesn't even advertise anywhere and 99 percent of shooters never heard of them... so they would show up at the bottom of the poll, when they do not deserve to be at the bottom... and then people would avoid them cuz...

"... and I didn't get a CH press cuz I saw this poll on PM and they came out at the bottom of the press and dies sections".

See what I'm talking about - when you design a poll, you have responsibility to the makers not to skew that data in any way that is unfair.

No poll can include everything.

First, it would take three weeks to set up the poll... and second, there would be so many choices that no one would complete it.

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