Regardless of the problems setting up this poll, thank you for your time and effort, it is very educational and makes me glad that I listened to me dear old dad in the early years, you would have liked him!!!

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The only problem I see (if you want to call it that) is that your answers are going to be influenced by folks that have only owned 1 of the choices. If a person always uses RCBS and has never used Redding or Lee, he would obviously vote for RCBS because he has no experience with anything else.

I don't know how you would fix that, though ...... huh

Or ....... is that what you are trying to find out?

There is some logic to that on the surface... but, people these days do a lot of research on the net, and usually have one or more friends that advise them - so they might not have used everything, there is weight to their opinion.

If you limit the poll to people that have used it all - you will get three answers.

So far, the results are reflecting other sources I have access to.

Sorry for leaving out one or two things - I can't tell you how much time it took to get this one done (after two other efforts that were deleted))... the poll program is very user unfriendly.

This last one (after getting training on the first two) took almost an hour and a half to get right.

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