Here is one of my 2 6.8s. The first is custom built and the second is a factory Ironworks upper.

LWRC receiver set, ARP barrel with Troy SDMR and TNVC Aquila, Ironworks LPK which includes Geissele SSA trIgger, MIAD grip, magpul poly trigger guard and BAD Ambi safety then I used a Magpul UBR.

Upper is an ironworks 16" complete upper with arp barrel and super bolt, ironworks carrier, Troy alpha handguard, YHM suppressor, lower is a mil spec lower with ironworks LPK including geissele ssa-e MIAD grip, magpul poly trigger guard and added a UBR buttstock. I use a trijicon accupoint 3-9 ona LaRue mount.

200 yard zero target 3 shot group (4th bottom left was from previous engagement before correction).

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