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My new AR in .204 Ruger:
The lower is a RRA with Magpul grip and ACS buttstock, and the upper is one my gunsmith put together for me. The upper and scope are Duracoated in "Magpul Foliage Green."

The barrel is a Shilen 20" 1 in 9 twist that I found on Gunbroker. We used a Daniel Defense upper receiver and handguard. The scope is a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16 mounted i a JP mount.

So far I've put about 120 rounds through it during break in and so far I'm pleased with the accuracy. I'll start more load development soon......

Thanks for looking.



I just got the same barrel and had it threaded . Got it on gunbroker as well from a guy in Sherman tx. Shoots pretty darn good . If I don't have any bullets I could just use it as a beating stick it's so long !

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